Saturday, April 13th, 8:00pm - Come out for a ROCKIN' night at The Landis! 

Growing up, Get Poison'd - The Poison Experience founder, Chaz Spataro was a huge Poison fan.  As a lifelong musician, he has always had a ton of respect for the outstanding song writing and stage performances of Bret Michaels.  One night at a local venue, he covered a few Poison songs and had a group of people tell him that he sounded a lot like Bret. That's all he needed to hear! Being a drummer, it was completely outside the box to take on a tribute to one of the best front men and stage performers Rock & Roll had ever seen. But his hard work and determination has lead to one of the best tributes in the country. 

This band is simply the most realistic Poison tribute you will ever see or hear.  Their performance is an amazing trip back to the Pop and Glam Metal era that should not be missed.  From their high energy performance to their authentic sound and vocals, you will be amazed at their extraordinary tribute to Poison.

Special Guests: Lost Angeles - The Ultimate 80's Arena Rock Experience

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