Sunday, March 17th, 4:00pm to 10:00pm


Who is Brian, and why does he need a  benefit?  Well, if you’ve been involved in the music scene in the Delaware Valley for the past 40 years, chances are you know, have seen, or have worked with Brian Wolf. For the past 40 years Brian has been deeply involved in the support of and production side of many, many rock shows, as a drum tech, stage manager, or roadie and always as a friend.

In September 2023 Brian went into the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications, he was hospitalized for more than two months and remains today in a long term care facility for the foreseeable future.

Like many in the music scene, Brian did not have private health insurance. Between the medical bills and the loss of his income due to being unable to work, the family is financially devastated and now needs help from the community Brian gave so much to over the decades. Please join his friends Seems Like Tuesday, Tony Mecca and the Heavy Mental Gypsys, 33 1/3 LIVE’s Killer Queen Experience, Whiskey Grin, and Philadelphia favorites Heaven’s Edge in a benefit concert to raise funds for the family.


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